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Press Release: Evan Williams Announces 2023 Grant Recipients

As an American-made and owned Bourbon, Evan Williams is proud to give back to U.S. military veterans. Through their American-Made Heroes Foundation Fund, they’ve donated $600,000 to organizations benefiting the veteran community.

Each year, the American-Made Heroes Foundation Fund awards one-time grants of $4,000–$6,000 to eligible 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(19) nonprofits that serve the veteran community.

The 2023 grant recipients are Veteran Outreach, Infinite Heroes, Battle Dawgs, Heroes Water, HillVets, Azmuth Check Foundation, She’s the Veteran, Robin’s Home, Warriors Art Room, Stand with Me, Extreme Adventures, Warrior Music Foundation, Navy Safe Harbor Foundation, Rofocus-On-U and Final Salute Inc.

You can learn more about these fine groups at

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