Woodford Batch Proof 2024
Bourbon Review

Bourbon Review: Woodford Reserve Batch Proof

Woodford Reserve Batch Proof was first releases in 2018, however I don’t recall seeing it in the state of New Hampshire until 2023. It’s a limited edition expression that I for one am happy to see was fairly was fairly easy for me to get in 2 months after its release. This is fast for New Hampshire as we have still yet to see the Elijah Craig Barrel Proof C923 or A124 arrive to the shelves.

The 2024 release was selected by Elizabeth McCall who became a Master Distiller in 2023. McCall has a master’s degree from the University of Louisville and began her career as a member of Brown-Forman’s Research and Department  in 2009. After that, McCall was a Master Taster and Assistant Master Distiller before being named master distiller in February 2023.

According to the website, “Batch Proof is a celebration of Woodford Reserve’s proprietary process – blending barrels into a batch and then bottling the whiskey at its actual proof, straight from the barrel. Batch Proof is crafted using the same grain bill and process as Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon. The 2024 edition is 121.2 Proof.

History of Woodford Reserve Batch Proof

Year Year
2018 125.8
2019 123.2
2020 123.6
2021 128.3
2022 118.4
2022 124.7
2023 121.2

Bourbon Review: Woodford Reserve Batch Proof
60.6 (121.2 Proof)
Not Disclosed (At Least 4 Years)
Mash Bill: 
72% Corn, 18% Rye, 10% Malted Barley
Distillery: Woodford Reserve Distillery
Location: Versailles, KY

The Nose: There is a wonderful sweetness that rises from the glass with some lingering ethanol on the finish of the aromas. Toasted caramel, vanilla and toffee rise from the glass that pulls my nose back in for more of the intoxicating aroma before I am ready for my first sip. On those subsequent pulls from the glass I pulled some blackberries and black cherry as well.

The Taste: As is expected there is some heat on this high proof bourbon but what caught me off guard was the syrup like mouthfeel. In addition to the heat there is a subtle kola nut on the front-end with elements of toasted-oak, brown sugar, vanilla with some blackberries and a lot of leather on the finish.

Conclusion: When I first got into bourbon I drank a lot of Woodford Reserve before moving away from it and venturing out to different brands. A couple of months back Kurt Kendall of 7-20-4 Lounge in Londonderry, NH invited me to sit down with him and help select a Woodford barrel pick for his lounge which has a great selection of bourbon. Tasting offerings from different areas of the warehouse helped rekindle my appreciation for Woodford. One of the picks we passed on was from a higher spot in the warehouse which I didn’t care for because of the finish. It’s the same reason why I am not a fan of this Batch Proof that comes from a higher row. It’s long, leathery and very drying to the palate. It’s a one and done pour for me before moving on to something else for a second pour of the night.

Score: 85
Price: $149.99 (750 MSRP)

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