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Hoyo d eMonterrey Rojo
Honduras Cigar Review

Cigar Review: Hoyo de Monterrey Rojo Toro

Hoyo de Monterrey Rojo is a new line in the Hoyo de Monterrey portfolio. Having been around for 100 years this brand isn’t your Grandfather’s cigar, it is your Great-Grandfather’s cigar. Back when I got into the cigar industry in 1998, older cigar smokers would buy the Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur by the handful. As that demographic begins to die off, General Cigar looks to create a new cache of Hoyo smokers with the release […]

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Tatuaje Cojonu 2012 Corojo
Nicaragua Cigar Review

Cigar Review: Tatuaje Cojonu 2012 Corojo

The Tatuaje Cojonu 2012 Corojo has arrived at stores in the form of Tatuaje Cojonu Two 12’s 2nd Edition. Living in New Hampshire I am blessed with one of the best brick & mortar locations; Twins Smoke Shop. Owned by Kurt Kendall, the shop has been a place I go to since I moved to the Live Free or Die State. I met my wife in his shop and countless people I am blessed to […]

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The Wise Man Corojo
Nicaragua Cigar Review

Cigar Review: The Wise Man Corojo Robusto

The Wise Man Corojo is a new cigar with a tie in to an old cigar and a lesson in poor marketing. El Güegüense will go down has one of the worst names in the history of cigars. The cigar which was named after a satirical play written in the 16th Century was difficult to pronounce and spell making it a very hard name for the typical cigar smoker to grasp. It wasn’t until the […]

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Dominican Republic Cigar Review

Cigar Review: E.H. Taylor Corojo Robusto

The E.H. Taylor Corojo for me seems like a match made in heaven. Cigars and whiskey has long been a pairing for many cigar smokers. For me, I started out with cigars & scotch, before making my way to cigars & rum. These days like countless others I pair my cigars with bourbon. As a bourbon enthusiast it’s frustrating so many brands are difficult to come by and E.H Taylor is one that is increasingly […]

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