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The Wise Man Corojo
Nicaragua Cigar Review

Cigar Review: The Wise Man Corojo Robusto

The Wise Man Corojo is a new cigar with a tie in to an old cigar and a lesson in poor marketing. El Güegüense will go down has one of the worst names in the history of cigars. The cigar which was named after a satirical play written in the 16th Century was difficult to pronounce and spell making it a very hard name for the typical cigar smoker to grasp. It wasn’t until the […]

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Bourbon Review

Bourbon Review: Old Grand-Dad Kentucky Straight Bourbon (80 Proof)

From the bottle, “Since 1882, the unique marriage of body and flavor in Old Grand-Dad whiskey has been the standard by which all others are judged. Discover the high rye content and legendary time-honored excellence of the distiller’s craft found in every bottle.” Old Grand-Dad is a brand of bourbon whiskey that has been in production since 1882. It was created by Raymond B. Hayden, a third-generation distiller, and named after his grandfather, Meredith Basil Hayden, Sr., who was […]

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