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Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Lancero
Press Release

Press Release: Joya Cabinetta Lancero: A Limited Edition for the Select Few

At every cigar event, the question pops up: ‘What about the Cabinetta Lancero?’ We get it; there’s a certain charm to the elegance and rich experience of a great Lancero, but let’s face it – it’s a niche favorite. So, ‘by popular demand’, here it is the Cabinetta Lancero Limited Edition for 2024… and trust us, it’s better than ever!” – Juan Martínez In 2016, Joya de Nicaragua’s branding was getting a facelift. The “Cabinetta […]

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Honduras Cigar Review

Cigar Review: 7-20-4 Original Series Lancero

I love a cigar with a good back story and history and one of the most storied brands in the USA might be 7-20-4. 7-20-4 is a brand founded in 1874 by R.G. Sullivan that was named for the address of his factory located in Manchester, New Hampshire, 724 Elm Street. The factory is long gone having gone out of business in 1963, but the brick building remains this his name still on it. In 2006, […]

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