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Nicaragua Cigar Review

Cigar Review: Tatuaje 20th Anniversary Grande Merveille

The Tatuaje 20th Anniversary celebrates an iconic milestone. It’s hard to believe that Tatuaje has been in business since 2003. I remember sitting in a cigar store in New York City  and friends of mine making fun of the name and how in 5 years no one will have ever heard of Tatuaje. The difference was they were old school cigar smokers brought up on legacy brands like Romeo & Juliet, Montecristo, Etc. I was […]

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Nicaragua Cigar Review, USA Cigar Review

Cigar Review: Tatuaje Selección de Cazador Miami Reserva J21

The J21 is part of the Tatuaje Selección de Cazador Miami Reserva line. As the name implies it was rolled in Miami at Don Pepin’s Miami based My Father Cigar Company. Tatuaje brand owner Pete Johnson has long had a relationship with the Garcia family with the two growing in popularity almost side by side in the cigar industry. These days the partnership has become family with Pete Johnson and Janny Garcia of My Father Cigars […]

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Rum Review

Rum Review: Coconut Cartel Special

Everyone in Miami seems to have a hustle and for brother and sister Dani and Mike Zighelboim their hustle began in 2013 when they would begin smuggling coconuts. Their first smuggling operation came with a suitcase full of cocunotes from El Salvador to Miami International Airport. Born in Miami to Latin parents, the Zigs grew up between Miami, Guatemala and El Salvador; often spending weekdays in Central America and weekends in Miami. These two drastically different, […]

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