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Press Release: Lost Lantern Declares 2023 as the Summer of Bourbon

The bourbon world has evolved dramatically in the 21st century. Once in steep decline, bourbon has been reborn and is more popular than it has been in half a century. That has led to the proliferation of bourbon producers across the country, making America’s signature spirit in places where it was never made before. Great bourbon now comes from across the United States, from Nevada’s arid deserts to Texas’ sprawling plains, from the snowbelt of […]

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Bourbon Review

Bourbon Review: Still Austin Straight Bourbon Whiskey

When you think of Austin, Texas music is the first thing that comes to mind, at least for me. Bourbon however, is not something that would appear in the Top 20. At least until now. Still Austin Whiskey Co. recently launched its flagship straight bourbon whiskey. Still Austin is an independent craft whiskey distillery founded in 2015. They embrace the grain-to-glass concept that produces the highest quality whiskey by perfecting every part of the process […]

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