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Rum Review: Unhiq XO Unique Malt Rum

Unhiq XO comes from Oliver & Oliver which is a family-owned company of Cuban origin, located in the Dominican Republic. They are dedicated to the production and marketing of artisanal, high-end rums. Most of their brands are produced in limited and numbered editions for their clients.

This bottle was gifted to us by La Galera Cigars which provided their top accounts with 1 of 1,000 bottles made. Our bottle comes from lot 6135 and is bottle number 289. It was bottled in 2021.

What is Malt Rum?

I am sure this is probably what you have been asking since you saw the name of the bottle. It has nothing to do with malts in the scotch sense but rather is is a term that was used in old time Cuba describe to best and most aromatic rums.

According to their website Oliver & Oliver uses an innovative and unique triple aging process that arises from an adaptation of the traditional Spanish method of soleras. They use a multiplicity of carefully selected sugarcane distillates, which are hydrated, aged, and formulated to become mother rums, the backbone of their artisanal production.

Brand Review: Unhiq XO 
42% (84 Poof)
Blend that includes 25 year old rum
Oliver & Oliver
Dominican Republic

The Nose: Brown sugar and molasses are dominant with a hint of smokiness. The nose of the rum isn’t particularly strong but they do come across lifting the glass to the nose. Subsequent sniffs of the bouquet reveal warm butter and a slight oak.

The Taste: The initial sip is loaded with vanilla with a subtle smokey component and it is woodsy as well. On the first sip the rum is very reminiscent of creme soda and it is quite sweet. If I was to compare it to more common rums it is sweeter than Zacapa but less than Zaya. A secondary sip sees the addition of honey, oak, berries and apricots.

The Pairing: Being this was gifted from the folks over at La Galera cigars we decided to pair it a La Galera Habano which is made in the Dominican Republic. The cigar features a Habano wrapper grown in Ecuador, Dominican Corojo binder and fillers consisting of Piloto Cubano, Criollo 98 & Pelo de Oro. The cigar on its own has strong molasses notes with nuances of oak and cinnamon. When paired together the sweetness of the rum is toned down considerably. Brown sugar develops with touches of licorice and wood. Our pairing has no reflection on the final score but if it did the toned down sweetness would result in a +2

Conclusion: Back when I drank rum exclusively I was a Zacapa guy and when I went on Keto I switched to Flor de Cana since they don’t add sugar after the distillation process making it Keto friendly. That is when I discovered bourbon and haven’t looked back. With that said, if I was still drinking rum, Oliver & Oliver is a company I would dive deep into. This bottle produced exclusively for La Galera won’t be found in stores, but it is incredibly enjoyable and it may have reignited my interest in rum once again.

Score: 94
Price: $120 (50cl)

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