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Press Release: Annual Cask Strength Bourbon Release From A. Smith Bowman Is Back With An Even Higher Proof

A. Smith Bowman Distillery, prior back-to-back “World’s Best Bourbon” winner at the World Whisky Awards, today unveils A. Smith Bowman Cask Strength Bourbon Batch #2. Aged a minimum of 10 years with barrels hand-selected by Master Distiller Brian Prewitt and Distiller David Bock, the annual cask strength offering is bottled uncut and non chill-filtered to offer fans the purest whiskey-drinking experience.

The second cask strength release from Virginia’s oldest distillery pushes the limits of high proof whiskey, coming in at 144.5 proof. Tasting notes describe this bourbon as starting with aromas of cherry and toast with a slight hint of leather and caramel. On the palate apple and cherry flavors show up first followed by vanilla and roasted nuts, striking a balance between soft sweet floral notes and strong wood char flavors. The finish is slick, quite peppery and crisp with an aftertaste that leaves your tastebuds bouncing with memory of the delightfully intense experience.

A. Smith Bowman Cask Strength Bourbon Batch #2 is a high proof whiskey lover’s dream,” said Master Distiller Brian Prewitt. Distiller David Bock further elaborated on the second release of Cask Strength: “While last year’s inaugural Batch #1 boasted a more delicate profile that drank like a much lower proof bourbon (though it wasn’t!), this year’s offering really roars. Batch #1’s proof snuck up on you; Batch #2 slaps you in the char. Batch #2 also contains the last of the barrels Joe Dangler, former Master Distiller at A. Smith Bowman for over 30 years, laid down. We’re humbled to honor his lasting influence with this release.

A. Smith Bowman Cask Strength Bourbon Batch #2 will be available in select markets in the United States beginning mid-December, as well through the A. Smith Bowman Distillery gift shop via online lottery. Bottles are packaged in 750 mL and available at a suggested retail pricing is $99.99. For more information, please visit

About A. Smith Bowman
A. Smith Bowman’s distilling roots date back to the years before Prohibition when the Bowman family had a granary and dairy farm in Sunset Hills, Virginia. They used excess grain from the family estate to distill spirits. In 1934, after the Repeal of Prohibition, Abram Smith Bowman and his sons continued the family tradition and built a more modern distillery in Fairfax County, Virginia called Sunset Hills Farm. The Distillery was moved in 1988 and is now nestled in Spotsylvania County near the city of Fredericksburg, 60 miles away from the original location.

As a small and privately owned company, A. Smith Bowman Distillery continues the time-honored traditions on which it was founded. Considered a micro-distillery by today’s standards, A. Smith Bowman produces an assortment of hand-crafted spirits distilled from only the finest natural ingredients and using the latest technology. This micro-distillery focuses on the production of premium spirits honoring the legacy of Virginia’s first settlers. Its various brands have won more than 100 awards in the past five years, including “World’s Best Bourbon” in 2016 for its Abraham Bowman Port Finished Bourbon and again in 2017 for its John J. Bowman Single Barrel at the World Whisky Awards. For more information on A. Smith Bowman, please visit

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