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Bourbon Review: Ruddell’s Mill Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

According to the Ruddell’s Mill bottle tag, “Covered Bridges make scenic structures and were common in the 1800s. Constructed with coverings to be protected from the elements, they were commonly built near mills and industrial areas where they improved infrastructure for the transport of goods like feed and whiskey. While many bridges succumbed to time, many still survive. The Covered Bridges Whiskey Company tells the stories of covered bridges as they lay backdrop to our story. 

In 1778, nestled along Stoner Creek and the South Fork Licking River, Isaac Ruddell founded a grist mill creating Bourbon Country’s first industrial district. The mill processed grain, in part to be used for the production of local whiskey, and a generation later was home of the now extinct Ford & Bowen distillery. Built in 1861 the Ruddells Mill Covered Bridge provided the location with access over Stoner Creek for easier transport of grain and whiskey. Ruddell’s Mill Bourbon is born from a high corn mash bill that replicated the whiskey mash bills of Kentucky’s early days, before there was a legit definition of Bourbon and honors the like Isaac Ruddell who were the roots of Kentucky.”

Bourbon Review: Ruddell’s Mill Kentucky Straight Bourbon
46.1% (92.2 Proof)
Mash Bill: 
Not Disclosed (Corn, Rye, Barley according to distillery)
Produced By:  
The Covered Bridges Whiskey Co. 
Bardstown, Kentucky (USA)

The Nose: Corn and barley are evident on the aroma with subtle nuances of vanilla and honey. Additional intakes of the aroma reveal toasted oak and summer fruits.

The Taste: Vanilla and honey dominate the palate on the initial sip along side baking spices reminiscent of the holidays. In contrast a secondary sip revels honeydew melons, dry wood and rye which adds a subtle heat to the finish. On our last sip from our pour some cinnamon appears on the finish.

The Pairing: I opted to pair this sweeter bourbon with a cigar that has a some spice to it in Neanderthal by RoMaCraft Tobac. The Neanderthal offer up notes of peppercorn encrusted filet mignon, strong espresso and wood. When pairing the two together the cigar cancels out some of the sweetness and changes the dynamics of the bourbon. It brings out notes of toasted caramel, oats and oak. It transition a summer friendly bourbon into one more suited to a warm fireplace on a cold winter night. Our pairing’s never affect our final score which is scored before the pairing but if it did this would get a seasonal plus 3.

The Finish: Over the last month I’ve seen countless ads on Facebook that Ruddell’s Mill was available in the state of New Hampshire. I was intrigued by the clean looking label but hesitant due to the hard push via aggressive advertising. It turns out this one was a pleasant surprise. Once in the liquor store the price made it a hard decision. While the value might not be there, this bourbon is definitely a winner. I wouldn’t be surprised if this grows into one of those bourbons you chase as it grows in popularity.

Score: 95
Price: $58.99 (750ml)

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