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Bourbon Review: Bulleit Bourbon

The Bulleit brand was developed by Augustus Bulleit in the 19th century with the first batch of Bulleit bourbon being made around 1830. Augustus continued to produce Bulleit it up until his death in 1860. In 1987 his great-great-grandson Tom Bulleit began distilling his version of the bourbon. 

The brand would be purchased by Seagram in 1997 and it was widely introduced to the US markets in 1999 before Diageo acquired the brand. On March 14, 2017, Diageo opened a new Bulleit distillery a 300-acre $115 million facility located in Kentucky.

Bourbon Review: Bulleit 
45% (90 Proof)
6 Years
Mash Bill: 
68% Corn, 28% Rye, 4% Malted Barley
Distilled By:  
Bulleit Distilling Co. 
Louisville, KY (USA)

The Nose: The thin nose of Bulleit doesn’t come off as 90 proof based on the aroma. There are elements of honey, licorice and oak. Letting the glass sit for a bit sees the addition of vanilla and rye with a faint hint of pineapples.

The Taste: The front end of the first sip sees some tropical fruits including pineapple and mango while the finish sees an abundance of rye. Secondary sips see rye become dominant with a finish of oak, licorice, fennel and a faint honey. The finish is long and dry but tasty.

The Pairing: I opted to pair the Bulleit with a cigar that cost more than the bottle in the form of a Davidoff 702 Series Double R which retails for over $37.00. The cigar on its own has notes of barnyard, cedar and a subtle spice. When paired together the bourbon becomes thinner, but the notes of rye are considerably toned back. If your not a rye fan, this would suit you but if your not a rye fan you probably wouldn’t be drinking Bulleit. Our pairing never affects our final score but if did in this instance it wouldn’t as the change is negligible.

The Finish: Bulleit Bourbon is something to cut your teeth on if you are new to bourbon. It’s probably one of the most common bourbons used in mix drinks due to its lower cost and tropical like flavor profile. While enjoyable as a standalone, it is best suited in a mixed drink such as an old fashioned. For me, lately when going out I’ve opted to look on the menu for a Bourbon with a good value price. When I have a drink, I tend to do it with a cigar. I don’t want to run up a huge bill so Bulleit provides a nice value option.

Score: 85 (Average)
Price: $27.99 (750ml)

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