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Bourbon Review: Old Forester 100 Proof

The Old Forester 100 Proof honors the legacy of founder George Garvin Brown, who put his signature on every bottle. And this bourbon is definitely one he would be proud to have his name on today.

Today, Old Forester has been on the market continuously for longer than any other bourbon and was the first bourbon sold exclusively in sealed bottles. It was first bottled and marketed in 1870 by the former pharmaceutical salesman turned bourbon-merchant George Garvin Brown — the founder of the Brown–Forman Corporation (whose descendants still manage the company today).

During the Prohibition period from 1920 to 1933, Brown–Forman received one of only six licenses authorizing lawful production (for medicinal purposes).

Bourbon Review: Old Forester 100 Proof
50% (100 Proof)
Not Disclosed
Mash Bill:
72% Corn, 18% Rye, 10% Malted Barley
Distilled By:
Old Forester Distilling Company
Louisville, KY (USA)

The Nose: A subtle banana with hints of caramel and cherries sit atop a canvas of oak. The aromas from the glass are well defined and easy to pick out.

The Taste: Oak dominates the palate with nuances of pecans. Secondary sips reveal toffee, brown sugar and wisps of caramel. On the third sip I get what I personally consider to be the signature note of all things Old Forester, banana. The mouthfeel is velvety smooth and a silk like finish.

The Pairing: I opted to pair the Old Forester 100 Proof with an Intemperance BA Breach of the Peace. I did this  for no other reason then it being a chilly 34 degrees outside and my wife loves the aroma making it ok to smoke in the house. The brand references prohibition and saw a secondary release called Whiskey Rebellion. This summer the company’s tertiary release Volstead will hit the shelved. On its own the cigar has notes of coffee beans, leather and a subtle cacao. The cigar cancels out the sweetness of the Old Forester 100 proof and creates a bitter vinegar like taste.  As always our pairing never affects our score, but if it did in this case it would be a minus 8.

The Finish: Someone told me last week they were done with bourbon because of the chase to get anything good and the extreme after market prices. I told them that there are a lot of very good inexpensive bottles that are readily available and Old Forrester 100 Proof is one of them. So much so that it is one of my go to pours when I am at my favorite cigar bar. The lower price or twist top cap might be a turn off to some, but, I rather have two of these bottles than a lot of libations that are twice the price or more.

Score: 91
Price: 25.99 (750 ml in New Hampshire, USA)

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