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Selected Tobacco Releases Limited Edition Ashtrays

Nelson Alfonso is more than just the blender of cigars such as Atabey, Alfonso, Bandolero and Byron. He is an artist first and foremost and is responsible for the branding of many Habano S.A. releases such as Cohiba Behike and Vegueros.

He has designed limited edition jars, and humidors including the Padron 50th. Now you can add ashtrays to the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship.

He has released three limited edition ashtrays for the Byron line inspired by the flower of a tobacco plant. These luxurious ashtrays are presented in designer boxes and are inspired by the rich history of Byron.

We are thrilled to introduce these porcelain ashtrays by Nelson Alfonso,” said Oliver Nivaud, Director of Operations for United Cigars. “These ashtrays embody the spirit of luxury and craftsmanship that Byron Cigars are known for. They are a true testament to Nelson Alfonso’s talent and dedication to his craft.

The Byron ashtrays are not cheap and are meant for the true connoisseur of Selected Tobacco. With their limited availability and unique designs, they are expected to become highly sought-after collector’s items for fans of the prestigious brand. The Byron Collection will have an individual retail price of $250 per ashtray.

Selected Tobacco is distributed by United Cigars.

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