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Bourbon Review: Heaven Hill Bottled in Bond

From the bottle, “This Kentucky Bourbon pays tribute to the earliest days of the distillery’s history when in 1939 it released Heave Hill Bottled-in-Bond. The namesake brand quickly became the number one selling bourbon whiskey in the state of Kentucky. Today, the craftsmanship poured into this bottle by the same family meets the exact standard first set forth in the Bottled-in-Bond act of 1897. This history offering reflects on the company founders’ firm belief it takes patience and perseverance to make something of great quality.

Today, at the historic intersection of 17th Street and Breckenridge Street in downtown Louisville sits Heaven Hill’s Bernheim Distillery: the world’s largest independent, family-owned Bourbon distillery, producing 1,300 barrels a day.

Bourbon Review: Heaven Hill Bottled in Bond
ABV: 50.0% (100 Proof)
Age: 7 Years
Mash Bill:
 78% Corn, 12% Malted Barley, 10% Rye
Distillery: Heaven Hill Distillery
Louisville, KY (USA)

The Nose: Considering the higher proof the nose is fairly light. There are elements of vanilla, brown sugar, corn and oak. Subsequent pulls from the glass reveal addition depth with touches of caramel, honey and tobacco. One of the more complex aromas I have experienced from a pour.

The Taste: The first sip starts with a burst of spices and subtle heat with tobacco and a slightly drying finish that sees elements of tobacco. Additional sips see continued spice, graham cracker and the slightest touch of licorice. The finish isn’t as dry as the first sip with elements of cinnamon and pretzel like finish (I didn’t want to use the word malt).

The Conclusion: As a fan of Heaven Hill Distillery, specifically the Elijah Craig line I was looking forward to this. While enjoyable the bottle didn’t do enough to stand out at the price point. I’ve always classified bourbon as an all-year, summer or winter based on its profile. This is the perfect example of a winter bourbon with its darker flavor profile. While it is complex and enjoyable I feel this bottle will do better on the cold evenings. Here in New Hampshire where the state controls the liquor market its something that is hard to come by. I won’t chase it, but when I see it I will grab a bottle.

Score: 88
Price: $49.99 (2023, 750 ml)

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