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Press Release: Heaven’s Door Bootleg Series V 18-Year Bourbon Finished in Spanish Vermouth Rouge Casks

Heaven’s Door has announced the highly-anticipated annual Bootleg Series release for 2023. Bootleg Volume V is an exceptional 18-year-old straight bourbon whiskey secondarily finished in Spanish vermouth rouge casks.

The Bootleg Series offers rare and unreleased whiskeys with special blends and barrel finishes that showcase Heaven’s Door’s innovative approach to whiskey making. Each bottle is adorned with one of Dylan’s original paintings on a hand-crafted ceramic bottle and presented in a bespoke leather journal.

ABV: 57% (114 Proof)
AGE: 18 years
PALATE: Well balanced notes of caramel, honey and vanilla with a finish that is clean, pleasant and lingering.

This marks the fifth release since debuting in 2019. The bootleg Volume V showcases Dylan’s acrylic on canvas painting titled “No Vacanacies” (2019) from The Beaten Path collection.

The road, a recurrent and central theme in Dylan’s creative journey, takes center stage in this painting, symbolizing the endless possibilities and adventures that have fueled American art, literature, and music for generations. His ability to capture the should of America through various mediums adds an additional layer of depth and resonance to Bootleg Vol. V, making it a collector’s item that intersects the worlds of art and craft whiskey.

According to Alex Moore, Heaven’s Door Master Blender, “Vermouth has long been a part of whiskey cocktail culture, and we wanted to capture that essence in this mature Bootleg Series expression. We chose Spanish vermouth casks to add a unique depth of flavor and complexity that perfectly complements out whiskey’s character.”

It is now available for pre-order via: with a retail price of $599.99

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