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Editorial: Announcing Cigar and Liquor of the Year

At the end of 2022, when we were strictly a liquor review site operating as The Liquor Authority we named our first ever Liquor of the Year, Chicken Cock Straight Bourbon Whiskey. We opted to only announce one winner with no end of year list.

In 2023, The Barrel Burner has decided to expand how we announce Liquor of the Year. Starting on Monday, December 18th, we will announce our Top 5 liquors beginning with #5. Each day we will unveil a new liquor until we reach the Liquor of the Year on Friday, December 22, 2023.

Additionally, with the expansion of cigar reviews we will follow the same format for Cigar of the Year the week prior. Starting on Monday, December 11 we will begin unveiling a new cigar until we reach Number 1 on Friday, December 15th, 2023.

The criteria is simple, in order to qualify the cigar or liquor had to be reviewed from January 1st until December 15th, 2023. The only exceptions are store barrel picks, or single store cigar exclusives which are not eligible. An example of this would be, a barrel pick exclusive to a bar or liquor store or a line extension for a cigar shop.

So, if we haven’t reviewed something you would like to be considered please leave a comment or reach out to be directly and we will try to review it before December 11th.

Good luck to all those eligible.


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