Top 5 Liquors of 2023

Top 5 Liquors of 2023: Number 5 – Four Roses Small Batch Select

Over the course of the year I had a fun time tasting the alcohol that would become the Top 5 Liquors of 2023. Perhaps on certain days, a little too much fun.  The requirements to be named liquor of the year were simple. I had to review them in the course of the year from January 1st, 2023 until the publishing of this list. The score awarded to the bourbon wasn’t the only requirement in putting together the list. We took into consideration how often we drank it over the course of the year when out and about or purchasing additional bottles.

We start the list with the unveiling of  Number 5 – Four Roses Small Batch SelectComing in at 52% ABV / 104 Proof this bourbon showcases a flavor profile that encapsulates summer in a libation. Notes of summer fruits give the bourbon a sweetness on the palate with some rye on the finish. It drinks lighter that the ABV would suggest.

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Congratulations to Four Roses & The Four Roses Distillery!

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