Top 5 Liquors of 2023

Top 5 Liquors of 2023: Number 3 – Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series Limited Release 2023

Coming in at Number 3: Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series Limited Edition 2023 on our Top 5 Liquors of 2023. This is a bourbon that is put into the barrel at a higher proof than most other bourbons. The 110 Proof barreling versus the normal 100 Proof results in a smoother finish and the alcohol absorbing more of the oak during the aging process.

The bourbon on first sip comes off as being a higher proof than it actually is with notes of dry oak, vanilla, caramel and a touch of melted butter in a skillet. The bourbon has a long finish that is highlighted by additional notes of cinnamon. You can read our full review at

Congratulations to Maker’s Mark & Star Hill Farm!


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