Top 5 Liquors of 2023

Top 5 Liquors of 2023: Number 1 – Horse Soldier Barrel Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Our Number 1  selection in our Top 5 Liquors of 2023 is Horse Soldier Barrel Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey and it changed the way I drink my bourbon. I use to be fearful of higher proof bourbons with concern the high ABV would mute the flavor. It turned out to be just the opposite as it opened a whole new tasting experience.

According to their website, “The Horse Soldier brotherhood was forged in fire during the first days after the 9/11 attacks. Immediately following this affront on our nation, the USA responded with a daring insertion of small teams of Green Berets into northern Afghanistan. The Northern Alliance successfully overthrew Mazar-i-Sharif, a Taliban stronghold, with the support of these brave men. This region’s inhospitable, mountainous terrain made efforts and enemy engagements on wild Afghan horses a necessity for one Special Operations team (ODA595). Nicknamed the “Horse Soldiers,” all these brave men are honored today by America’s Response Monument overlooking “Ground Zero” in New York City.

Our number 1 Liquor of the Year features a 60.75% ABV which translates to 121.5 Proof. This will vary based on the bottling and which barrel it came from.

The nose features oak, apricots, butterscotch and subtle ginger. Sipping the bourbon reveals notes of butterscotch, cinnamon and cherries. It’s wonderfully sweet and drinks lower than the ABV would suggest. Simple put it is an outstanding bourbon.

You can read our full review here:

Congratulations to Horse Soldier & American Freedom Distillery for their crowning of 2023 Liquor of the Year!



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