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Cigar Review: Aganorsa Leaf Supreme Leaf Perfecto

In 2020 at the Tobacco Plus Expo Aganorsa Leaf debuted the limited edition/limited production Supreme Leaf. When the brand was first unveiled the purple, yellow and orange box was straight out of MS-Paint and didn’t have a look of a cigar that would stick as one of the most anticipated limited release.

The Aganorsa Leaf Supreme Perfecto is the 7th release in the line since its inception. Prior releases have been Robusto (5 x 52, March 2020), Toro (6 x 54, July 2020), Corona Gorda (6 x 46, February 2021), Torpedo (6 x 54, August 2021), Robusto (5 x 54, February 2022), Toro (6 x 52, February 2023).

The 7th release in the Supreme Leaf series is a 6 x 54 Perfecto is limited to only 1500 boxes of 10 and it is the most expensive release to date coming in at $16.99 per single.

Cigar Review: Aganorsa Leaf Supreme Leaf
Size: 6 x 54 (Perfecto)
Wrapper: Nicaragua Corojo ’99
Binder: Nicaragua
Fillers: Nicaragua
Debut: December 2023
Box Count: 10

The Look: As mentioned earlier the cigars are packaged in a matte purple, yellow and orange box that I personally find quite hideous. But it has also become synonymous with one of the most anticipated cigar releases of the year. The band utilizes the same motif as the box which doesn’t help the appearance in my eyes. The Corojo ’99 wrapper has a network of thin veins and some feint mottling to it as well and is loaded with oils. In the hand the cigar is firm with a hefty weight.

The Cigar: The cold draw reveals notes of cedar, vanilla and honey with an afterthought of spice. The aroma from the wrapper and foot is reminiscent of a chocolate croissant.

When it comes to a perfecto cigar the lighting of it is extremely important. I’ve witness a lot of people have there cigars run on them because the put the flame/torch too close to the foot and ignite the wrapper just above the nipple. A perfecto needs to have the flame not touch the tobacco to lightly toast the tobacco from the heat in a circular motion. Once that tobacco warms up, a quick touch from the flame with a draw at the same time should give you an even light.

Once the cigar is toasted that signature Aganorsa strength and spice is present where it is joined by some sweetness. Red pepper flakes pull back as we pass the nipple of the cigar and hints of almonds, mocha, graham cracker and some leather on the finish. The cigar increases in strength and flavor with each puff.

The second third sees some wonderful nuances of sourdough bread, marzipan, and hints of mango which I’ve never tasted in a cigar before. The mango becomes the dominant note as we pass the halfway point with continued mocha and leather with a hint of red pepper on the retrohale.

As we finish the Aganorsa Leaf Supreme Leaf Perfecto the sweetness pulls back with notes of black pepper beginning to develop along side leather and earth. There is a touch of maple that shows from time to time but the cigar finishes as a Nicaraguan powerhouse that is intensified on the retrohale.

Conclusion: The $16.99 pricing on this cigar before any local or state taxes made me realize that cigar prices have gone up considerably since the pandemic. Many cigar factories are struggling to retain workers with many people from Central America making their way northward. That’s as far is I’ll go for a political statement. But it has created an increase in prices that is beginning to price out some cigar smokers from the premium market. Is this cigar worth $16.99? In the new market, yes. But pre-pandemic this cigar would have been about 20% less in my opinion. Pricing doesn’t factor into our scoring but it is an observation worth noting.

As far as the cigar, this is one of the better Supreme Leaf releases to date though I expect some people will have issues with construction due to user error. There are a lot of cigar smokers that don’t understand there is an art to lighting and enjoying cigars that is magnified with this shape. The notes are distinct, the cigar is rich and there is a right amount of spice which is the ingredients for a memorable cigar.

Score: 94
Price: $16.99 (Before local & state taxes)

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