La Aurora Preferidos Hors d’Age 2022 LE
Press Release

Press Release La Aurora Announces La Aurora Preferidos Hors d’Age 2022 LE

La Aurora USA has announced the release of La Aurora Preferidos Hors d’Age 2022 LE. Hors d’Age 2022 LE is composed of an Ecuadorian wrapper paired with an Ecuadorian binder and long-filler leaves from the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Nicaragua. This well-balanced, vintage blend masterpiece provides a unique start for an extra-aged cigar with an ultra-smooth medium-to-full-bodied smoke.

La Aurora Preferidos Hors D’Age is the result of an investment in time and world class tobacco. It is always a special occasion when extra-aged tobaccos come together. For Hors D’Age, every single leaf in the blend has been aged for at least 12 years. It is yet another testament to the world-class tobacco and craftsmanship that La Aurora is known for. Hors d’Age 2022’s complex blend becomes a harmonized beauty filled with spicy notes complemented by delicate flavors. Spicy notes of black pepper spark to life as more delicate flavors approach from the background. While the presence of wood is evident throughout the entire smoke, it is enriched by nuances of cinnamon, nuts, and even citrus in the finish. Its aromatic, rich, and creamy white smoke is characterized by its delicate touches of roasted coffee that prove to be the height of a demanding smoke.

From seed to cigar, the journey for this release began 12 years ago. As a result, we named it Hors d’Age which is taken from the French cognac designation, literally translating to “beyond age.”  And just as Hors d’Age cognac is arguably some of the highest quality cognac in the world due to its age, we set out to create an annual release that was also of the highest quality thanks to expert aging and blending,” says Master Blender, Manuel Inoa.

Hors d’Age 2022 LE will be formally available to retailers at the PCA 2024 in Las Vegas from March 22-25, 2024. Hors d’Age 2022 LE will be available in a Toro format (5.75 x 54) in dress boxes of 15. This limited-edition and collectible cigar release will only be available in 650 boxes and is expected to sell out. The cigar is expected to start shipping to retailers in late April (MSRP: $450/box or $30).


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