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Whiskey Review

Whiskey Review: Traveller Whiskey Blend No. 40

Traveller Whiskey is a collaboration between Chris Stapleton & Master Distiller Harlan Wheatley. I’ll gladly give you that Chris Stapleton is a phenomenal musician and this comes from someone who didn’t like anything about country until I heard the song Tennessee Whiskey.

Let’s start with the man, it is said he has more then 200 bottles of bourbon in his house and at his concerts he offers “The Single Barrel Experience” which provides the best seats, plus an invitation to the exclusive ’78 Pre-Show Lounge which features a Whiskey tasting station with spirits hand-selected by Chris.

So how does a man into bourbon and whiskey come up with Traveller? First, it’s named after the album that made him mainstream with the hit, Tennessee Whiskey. He turned to Sazarac the parent company of Buffalo Trace Distillery to produce the whiskey and herein is the problem. Buffalo Trace can’t produce enough bourbon to supply the masses. Their allocated items feed the black market and their non allocated items are still often hard to find. Why didn’t he produce a Tennessee Whiskey or perhaps go to a different distillery to produce a true bourbon?

Instead what was created with Harlen Wheatley wa a blended whiskey utilizing a selection from various Sazerac distilleries which in addition to Kentucky also exist in France, India, Canada, New Orleans and Virginia.

It’s a head scratcher, but is it any good?

Whiskey Review: Traveller Whiskey No. 40
ABV: 45% (90 Proof)
Age: NAS 
Mash Bill: 
Distillery: Various Sazerac Distilleries
Bottled & Blended: 
Buffalo Trace Distillery

The Nose: Light and fruity aromas rise from the glass including green grapes, green apples and peaches. There is a touch of corn present though it is more of a passing afterthought than being in your face. Despite coming in a 45% ABV (90 Proof) the aroma is very thin and light. Subsequent pulls see the addition of orange and lemon rinds.

The Taste: Grainy is how this whiskey feels on its first sip. There are notes of oak and corn while being slightly tannic and abundantly sweet. Additional sips reveal cotton candy, maple and a rich buttercream with a leathery and slightly dry finish.

Conclusion: When this first was announced there was much anticipation of a new bourbon from Buffalo Trace but as a deep drive beyond the headline took place it was obviously not a bourbon and it is definitely not an American whiskey. There are some hints of bourbon in the taste profile but there is a sweetness that I associate more with Canadian whiskey. It is that sweetness that makes this drink far less than the 90 proof on the label.

As news of the release came out the consumer went from eagerly anticipating, to becoming less enthused as more details came out. As a result, every liquor store I have walked into over the last month has an abundance of these on the shelf or in cases at the end of an aisle.

Simply put, Traveller Whiskey is glorified infinity bottle which is made when you pour remaining whiskey into a decanter at home, and create a full bottle of something new. It is a beverage without an identity which makes it seem like a money grab instead of an act of passion.

Score: 80
Price: $39.99 (750 ml)

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