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Cigar Review: La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva Belicoso Review (Old Packaging)

The La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva was released 12 years ago and it features a San Andres wrapper before San Andres was the darling of the industry. Back around 2018 the cigar underwent the first design change and somewhere over the last year or so the cigar had a third change adapting blue as the primary color versus the red that adorns the cigar we are reviewing today.

For whatever reason my local ship had some of the old packaging which has to be aged at least 5 years. You won’t be able to buy this variation of the cigar so this review is more personal.

Cigar Review: La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva
Size: 5.5 x 52 (Belicoso)
Wrapper: Mexican San Andres
Binder: Nicaragua
Fillers: Nicaragua
Factory: My Father Cigars S.A.
Release Date: September 2012
Box Count: 24

The Cigar: The La Aroma de Cuba was a staple in the cigar industry and it was one of the brands owned by Ashton that took the company from mild cigars to offering something full bodied for the modern cigar smoker. The company made a mistake moving to the color blue because these red bands and pop and go along with the Mi Amor (my love) name. This box pressed cigar has lost some oils over the years but it still looks great. Box pressed to perfection with a hefty weight and no soft spots it’s time to bring this cigars life to an end.

The Taste: After clipping the cap the aroma from the foot has a wonderful sweet molasses with a touch of fig and apricots. The cold draw on the other hand has a touch of fudge, fig and cedar. Toasting a properly aged cigar takes some edition time to make sure everything is evenly lit. Once accomplished the initial flavor still has the classic Pepin spice.

The first third sees the pepper pull back revealing a wonderful roasted coffee profile with an addition of earth and cedar. As the first third comes to a close some cocoa notes begin to develop with a smooth retrohale that adds a touch of caramel to the mix as it has definitely mellowed with age.

The second third has an increased sweetness on the front end with earth on the finish. The front sees cocoa, fig and chocolate with coffee and earth on the finish. The retrohale sees a touch of blueberries with pepper and leather. The notes are definitely more muted then I remember.

Moving into the final third notes of chocolate and coffee become dominant with the earthy components receding to the backgrounds. There is some caramel on the finish and this easily becomes the best third of the cigar.

Conclusion: First let me say my plan is go back tomorrow and buy whatever remain. With that said this cigar is moving just past its prime. Every cigar that ships is ready to smoke. I don’t buy into the misnomer that you need to let cigars sit for 6 months before smoking them. I’ve read the ridiculousness of people stating in for every day a cigar is in shipping you need to sit on them at least a week. BULLSHIT!

The La Aroma Mi Amor Reserva was one of my all time favorite cigars from the second it was release. However smoking them in the past would have created friction so I avoided them. It’s a great cigar and it was ahead of its time. Today everyone and their mother has a San Andres cigar but this was done before it was popular. It’s a Nicaraguan masterpiece and when it was released there weren’t many cigars that matched it.

Score: 94
Price: $11.25 (Current pricing, before any local or state taxes)

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