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Cigar Review: RoMa Craft Cromagnon 2024 Cranium

This year RoMa Craft Cigars released Cromagnon 2024. The history of the brand however started in 2011 with the original release where Cromagnon would be the signature release of the company owned by Mike Rosales and Skip Martin. However, over the years Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper quality tobacco has been difficult to procure for many “smaller” companies. In 2022, the company would remove the original release from production and their price lists.

The new Cromagnon 2024 features Broadleaf grown in Pennsylvania a variety I have long been a fan of. There was a brand back in the day I would buy at a shop in New Jersey called Panacea. That cigar was my first introduction the variety of broadleaf and every time I walked into Fume in Montclair, NJ I would buy it. While the brand exists today it isn’t the same as it once was and I found myself no longer smoking it.

Released in eight sizes, the cigar is well on its way of the 20 sizes the original line saw.  How does the Cromagnon 2024 compare to the original release? Is it a worthy replacement?

Cigar Review: RoMa Craft Cromagnon 2024
Size: 6 x 54 (Toro/Cranium)
Wrapper: U.S.A. Pennsylvania Broadleaf
Binder: Ecuador Sumatra Hybrid
Fillers: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua
Factory: Fabrica de Tobaccos Nica Sueno S.A.
Release Date: March 2024
Box Count: 24

The Cigar: It’s easy to spot the difference between the original release and Cromagnon 2024. The original featured a black on black band over a secondary white band, where the new done is black and silver over the white band. It’s visually better as it stands out on the shelf. The Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper is more mottled in color than its Connecticut counterpart with some noticeable veins. There are a nice amount of oils though less than the original Cromagnon. In the hand the cigar is firm with no soft spots and an above average weight.

The Taste: The cold draw of the Cromagnon 2024 has a nice amount of spice that reminds me of jalapeño right down to the bit of bite you get from the seeds. There is also subtle mocha component creating an interest contrast. The aroma from the foot sees more mocha with leather mixed and a touch of clove.

As a fan of Pennsylvania Broadleaf this cigar with the first 1/4 inch reminds me so much of what first turned me on to the wrapper. Notes of leather, cocoa and cedar are dominant to start with a nice amount of pepper on the retrohale that doesn’t overpower. As we continue enjoying this slow smoking cigar the first third sees notes of chocolate and espresso to really begin to develop with subtle char from a grilled steak.

The second third has a bit of a mineral component and you can say it was there in the first third, but it is more recognizable in the second third. It’s something that I always have gotten from PA Broadleaf but I don’t mind it. There are notes of espresso, cedar, char from a grilled steak and some nuttiness that grows with each puff. Around the halfway point the nuts are a well defined almond that is the focal point of the cigar. As the second third comes to a close notes of leather become dominant with coffee and almonds in the background.

As we smoke the final third notes of espresso, leather and nuts dominant the palate. The finish has some leather tannins and cedar. The mineral taste of the wrapper begins to transition to cloves. We approach the band wasabi encrusted nuts begin to develop with a lingering spice on the lips and finish.  As we smoke this cigar down to the number  notes of leather, nuts and coffee perfectly meld together making it enjoyable right through the long finish.

Conclusion: This full strength cigar is loaded with flavor and in my onion is the strongest RoMa Craft cigar to date. There is also an interest ash on this one as it has a pinkish hue on it. I reached out to Skip Martin via private message and he told me he has no idea what causes it but it’s normal with these.

As a fan of Pennsylvania Broadleaf I am absolutely in love with the blend and I think it blows the original out of the water. It’s so flavorful and an incredible expression on what the tobacco has to offer. I wonder how long before other companies follow suit leading to a shortage of this wrapper. My prediction in the 2025 PCA Trade Show you will see a lot of cigars mentioning the usage of this tobacco.

Score: 95
Price: $12.40 (Before any local or state taxes)

This new Cromagnon 2024 is available from Small Batch Cigar. Use the coupon code BarrelBurner to get 10% off, 5% loyalty points and free shipping!

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