Umbagog Bronzeback
Nicaragua Cigar Review

Cigar Review: Umbagog Bronzeback Rothschild

The Umbagog Bronzeback made its debut at PCA 2024 in Las Vegas. The cigar which uses a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper designated as 2LS comes from a lower part of the stalk than traditional wrapper. The result is a cigar that is less dark and less sweet than the original Umbagog.

The original Umbagog was named after Steve Saka’s favorite lake to fish on in New Hampshire. Located in Coos County, New Hampshire the name Umbagog is Abenaki for shallow water. Bronzeback on the other hand refers to a small mouth bass.

Cigar Review: Umbagog Bronzeback
5 x 48 (Rothschild)
2LS Connecticut Broadleaf
Nicaragua American Cigars S.A. (NACSA) in Estelí, Nicaragua
Release Date:
June 2023 
Box Count: 

The Cigar: Featuring a green and gold band, the Umbagog Bronzeback has a light colored Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper with a significant amount of brindle. One of the samples I smoked (3) had a significant vein along the side of the cigar, however it did not affect the burn. In the hand the cigar is hefty, firm and well packed.

The Taste: The cold draw has a nice amount of cocoa present with a subtle nutmeg a touch of graham cracker sweetness. The foot of the cigar serves up a subtle mocha and cinnamon with some pepper that tickles the nasal cavity. Just before lighting I took another cold draw and picked up some oak.

Once the cigar is lit there is a subtle cinnamon and warm spices that encapsulate the palate. Smacking my lips together after I exhale my first puff sees a subtle floral component appear. Working through the first third there is a subtle mocha that develops with wood that borders on oak. The retrohale sees black pepper that waters my eyes but also enhances the mocha.

In the second third the mocha becomes more dominant with developing nuttiness and a lingering wisp of cinnamon in the background. As we cross over the halfway the cigar becomes nutty with some mocha remaining in the background.

The final third continues to offer up mocha and nuttiness as a coffee component begins to emerge and by the time we remove the band it is the dominant profile. While a lot of the notes are constant, they are well defined. Medium in strength and body the cigar is enjoyable until we begrudgingly have to set it down for the final time.The retrohale toward the end of the cigar is nutty and leathery which lingers on the finish.

Conclusion: The market is flooded right now with overpriced cigars, including some from Steve Saka. It seems like during the pandemic when cigar consumption was up, manufacturers saw the increased spending which led to inflated pricing. The Umbagog Bronzeback bucks that industry trend and proves that affordable cigars can be great cigars. Coming in at under $10 at its time of release it easily smokes better than many $15 cigars. It has well defined notes, subtle complexity and enjoyable until there is nothing left to hold.

Score: 94
Price: $9.75

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