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Editorial: Small Batch Cigar Becomes Advertiser on

Small Batch Cigar has become an advertiser on our website. There was a lot that went into choosing them to be the online retailer we have partnered with so allow me to share…

I’ve been blogging and writing about cigars since 1998 when I first began working in the cigar industry in a small brick & mortar cigar shop owned by three retired police officers. Ron, Jerry & Joe would give me an education on life, provide me with new job skills and give me an education books could not begin to give. Eventually owners would shell their shares and I would become a partner in the shop. It was here I learned how supporting a local brick & mortar shop helps a community.

There are however so many cigars on the market, and not everyone is blessed to live in a metropolis with a great cigar shop to do their shopping. After 25 years in the cigar industry as a blogger ( which I sold), marketing director for Nestor Miranda/Miami Cigar,  magazine writer and reviewer (Smoke & Cigar Journal to name two) and podcasting I left the industry to work as a EMS/Fire/Police Dispatcher. As much as I want to shop local, that isn’t always feasible.

I started this website because cigars will always be a part of me. I began looking for advertisers, specifically a retail partner that met a certain criteria. They had to be owned by an independent retailer and they had to have a brick & mortar location that was part of the fabric of their community.

We have partnered with a retailer based in California who owns a brick & mortar called, Maxamar Ultimate Cigars which is located in Orange, California. This brick & mortar retailer goes way back to our origins when we ran our old website mentioned above. One of their regulars back during our origins was Keith Hollar who writes over at is someone we have a lot of respect for.

There are a lot of retailers to order cigars from, but there are very few as good as Small Batch Cigars. But there is a caveat as to why you should choose them. The first is they do business in a high cigar tax state. Thus, ordering from them helps them survive and support their community via jobs and a place for locals to gather. Also, Small Batch Cigars offers FREE SHIPPING on the products they ship and they have an incredible inventory. But wait, there is more, they offer 5% rewards points on all orders which in turn becomes bigger discounts for you the consumer. Plus they have given us an exclusive coupon code for 10% off purchases with the coupon code BARRELBURNER

Visit their website and sign up for their newsletter which offers some incredible deals with some incredible coupon codes. And the next time you want to order some cigars online, head on over to their website,

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