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Press Release: Heaven’s Door Whiskey Presents the Great Bourbon State Debate

Heaven’s Door Spirits, Bob Dylan’s highly awarded collection of super-premium American whiskeys, is turning up the heat on the age-old debate of which state, Tennessee or Kentucky, makes the best bourbon.  For as long as corn’s been cracked and stills have bubbled, Kentucky and Tennessee have been turning pristine limestone water and grains into a coveted amber elixir.  Heaven’s Door’s Great State Bourbon Debate rekindles the friendly feud between these two bourbon powerhouses, inviting whiskey lovers everywhere to put their palates to the test and voice their opinion.

Heaven’s Door sets itself apart as the first brand to offer both a Kentucky and Tennessee bourbon, giving fans a unique chance to compare. The brand’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Ascension, and Tennessee Straight Bourbon, Revival, are made from high rye mash bills with grains largely sourced local to the distillery, and barreled at the same proof, yet yield vastly different taste profiles. Heaven’s Door invites you to level set, savor and decide which bourbon pleases your palate and wins your heart.

A Tale of Two Bourbons
Many folks mistakenly believe that bourbon can only be made in Kentucky, but the truth is, bourbon can be crafted anywhere in the U.S.  What makes an American whiskey a true bourbon is a special set of rules: it has to be made with at least 51% corn, distilled at a certain proof, and aged in new oak barrels.

Kentucky and Tennessee both have storied histories of producing excellent bourbon, with differences in water and climate producing distinct flavors. Kentucky’s limestone water and Tennessee’s pure spring water are both famous for helping yeast thrive during fermentation. Differences in flavor profile come from the type and provenance of the grains used, the type of yeast used, water quality, the proof at distillation and the particular wood used to make oak barrel. Even the location of the barrel warehouse, the circulation of air between the barrels being stored and where the barrels are within the warehouse (high up or near the bottom) all conspire to give impart flavor differences.

Heaven’s Door Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Ascension, is a unique blend of two premium Kentucky straight bourbons aged for over five years and non-chill filtered, boasts warm and slightly sweeter notes of vanilla and baking spices. The limestone-filtered water of Kentucky, renowned for its purity, plays a key role in developing these rich flavors.

Heaven’s Door Tennessee Straight Bourbon, Revival, also aged for over five years and non-chill filtered, offers a drier profile with complex and sharp flavors. Unlike many Tennessee bourbons, Revival skips the “Lincoln County Process” – a charcoal filtering step – allowing the natural flavors of the local non-GMO grains to shine through, resulting in a lingering finish with hints of caramel, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Alex Moore, Master Blender and COO of Heaven’s Door Spirits, says, “We wanted to fan the flames of this old debate between Kentucky and Tennessee bourbon and showcase our outstanding expressions of both styles. We’re excited to hear what consumers think and how they experience these two classic bourbons.”

Heaven’s Door marries art and craft in every bottle, drawing inspiration from Bob Dylan’s restless spirit to continually innovate. By sourcing non-GMO grains and honoring each state’s natural elements, the distinct character of each bourbon is evident in every sip.

Join the Debate
Heaven’s Door extends the debate beyond taste, offering educational resources on their website and social media channels. Participants can also enter to win a trip to the Heaven’s Door Distillery in Pleasureville, TN, and meet Ken Pierce, Heaven’s Door’s Master Distiller.

For those who prefer to join in from home, Heaven’s Door offers discounted bundles of Ascension Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Revival Tennessee Straight Bourbon for a limited time at $100.00 on Heavensdoor.com.

Ready to cast your vote? Visit heavensdoor.com to participate until August 12th, 2024.

Heaven’s Door’s whiskeys are available nationwide and online via shop.heavensdoor.com. For more information, visit www.heavensdoor.com, Instagram, or Facebook.

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