American Bison Walnut Case
Press Release

Press Release: J.C. Newman Releases The American Bison Walnut Cigar Case by Brizard

J.C. Newman Cigar Co. is now shipping The American Bison Walnut Cigar Case to retailers throughout the United States in time for Independence Day next week.  The cases were handmade by Brizard in California and contains three five-year-old The American cigars. This is the third year that J.C. Newman and Brizard have collaborated to create a limited-edition cigar case.  This year’s release is limited to 250 cases with a suggested retail price of $300.

This limited-edition cigar case is unique because both case and the cigars inside were made in the United States using all-American components,” said fourth-generation owner Drew Newman.  “The American cigar and The American Bison Walnut Cigar Case are the perfect way to celebrate Independence Day.

The cases were made from of the most iconic symbols of the United States, the American Bison, and classic American Walnut wood. The Bison leather used in this cigar case came from Ted Turner’s ranch in Montana. Inside are three very special The American cigars. These cigars are from the first release of The American in 2019. They were rolled in 2018 with wrapper from the 2016 crop of Florida Sun Grown tobacco. These cigars have been aging in the basement Cigar Vault of our 114-year-old El Reloj cigar factory for the past five years.

Brizard describes the cases as follows:
This case is entirely made in the U.S. only using original American icon materials: Bison leather and Black Walnut wood from Illinois.  The last two limited editions were “all leather”. The 2024 edition introduces a new element: Black Walnut from Illinois combined with coffee color full grain “pull up” Bison leather.

The origin of our Bison leather is from Montana’s largest private herds in the U.S. Bison pull-up leather is made with hot oil emulsions and natural waxes which are infused into the hide during the tanning process. Each cycle can take up to 6 weeks to complete and produces a rugged yet beautifully smooth leather that can withstand most conditions.

The waxes and oils are combined with the leather fibers to create a strong bond that makes pull-up leather extremely durable. It won’t tear, flake or warp and will age beautifully over time. Actually, the more stress it’s subjected to the more attractive it will look. When Bison pull-up leather is pulled, folded or stretched you will see lighter-hued lines, shading and color variations. This is one of the most desirable characteristics of bison pull-up leather.

The cover of the case, made of American Black Walnut is custom adjusted to each case to achieve a “near perfect” seal to protect and preserve your cigars. The cover features The American code of arms logo  engraved into the walnut. After hand assembly, each walnut cover is hand polished with multiple ultra fine grits before being buffed at high speed with a mixture of oils to obtain a natural aspect with medium sheen which accentuates over time and enhances the beauty of all the nuance of different wood grains The cases have adjustable solid Spanish Cedar dividers for extra protection and structural rigidity. As all Brizard & Co cigar cases, they have a frontal opening allowing for easy identification of cigars referred to as The “show-band” case.

The inside part of the top cover has inlaid on the edge of the cedar a 3/4 inch wide full color cigar box strip decorated with The American and J.C. Newman legendary logos. This new collection is limited to 250 cases and feature a serial number engraved on brushed brass plate inlaid into the leather. The cases all come first in a matching brown suede type duffle bag with adjustable cream cords which goes in a rigid gift box (chocolate brown on the outside and cream inside).

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