Old Bardstown
Bourbon Review

Bourbon Review: Old Bardstown

Old Bardstown comes from The Willett Distillery which is known for their self named bourbon as well as Rowans Creek and Noah’s Mill. This week I went to the horrible state run liquor store with the mindset I wanted to find something of value and made in Kentucky. Here in New Hampshire that has become a chore as the shelves are filled with very little Kentucky bourbon and lots of items made elsewhere.

Todays review checked a few boxes for me as it was under $30 and it was at least 90 proof. The Willett website has nothing in terms of an age statement, or mash bill on the bottle so we had to do some digging.

Bourbon Review: Old Bardstown
ABV: 45% (90 Proof)
4 Years
Mash Bill:
72% corn, 13% Rye, and 15% Malted Barley
Distillery: The Willett Distillery
Location: Bardstown, Kentucky

The Nose: The aroma from the Old Bardstown is a bit thin and lacks any sort of depth. There is some corn present along with a subtle wood. Letting the glass sit for 15 minutes or so sees the addition of some grassy components and a touch of vanilla. None of the above stand out and at best are a very soft fragrance.

The Taste: Like the aroma the first sip is thin with the exception of a long lingering cinnamon that is quite pleasing. Subsequent sips see a hint of gingerbread, caramel and corn. The cinnamon that existed on the first sip doesn’t on subsequent sips where there are also additional notes of oak with a touch of cherry that lingers.

Conclusion: The $30 price point is crowded and Old Bardstown doesn’t do enough to stand out in a crowded field. It’s almost as if the bourbon was made by an apprentice distiller who hasn’t found his mark but is close. For me it was enjoyable but I don’t think I will be purchasing the bottle again, especially since there are other options that I find more enjoyable that check my boxes.

If you like a subtle sweetness on your pour then you might enjoy Old Bardstown. I personally prefer a bit more depth and heat being an experienced bourbon fan but this would be good for someone new to try.

Score: 85
Price: $29.99 (750ml in New Hampshire)

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