Lost Lantern 2024 Summer of Bourbon
Press Release

Press Release: Lost Lantern Summer of Bourbon Returns for 2024

For the second summer in a row, Lost Lantern, the award-winning independent bottler of American whiskey, is introducing a collection of carefully curated bottles from the some of the most exciting bourbon distilleries in the country.

This release includes nine whiskies from twelve states across all three of its product lines: the second edition of Lost Lantern’s multi-distillery blend, Far-Flung Bourbon II (Starlight Distillery from Indiana, Kings County Distillery from New York, Rich Grain Distilling Co. from Mississippi, Smooth Ambler from West Virginia, and Wollersheim Distillery from Wisconsin); their Single Distillery Series, Mississippi Memory (a blend of multiple barrels from ghost distillery Rich Grain Distilling Co., a closed Mississippi distillery); and seven single cask releases. Two of these come from returning Lost Lantern partners: Corbin Cash in California and Boulder Spirits in Colorado. The other five are all first-time Lost Lantern partners: Woodinville Whiskey Co. in Washington, Union Horse Distilling Co. in Kansas, High Wire Distilling Co. in South Carolina, Leiper’s Fork Distillery in Tennessee, and Rock Town Distillery in Arkansas.

In 2023, Lost Lantern launched the “Summer of Bourbon” as their first collection focused solely on a single style of whiskey. The message then, and now, is simple: great bourbon now comes from all over the United States. Though the initial release of eight bottlings spanned several states and distilleries, it only scratched the surface of the sheer breadth of bourbon being made across the country. Lost Lantern Co-Founders Nora Ganley-Roper and Adam Polonski recognized that the subject warranted further exploration. “This year, we want to encourage whiskey lovers to keep exploring the increasingly wide world of bourbon, in all the forms that it takes from coast to coast,” says Ganley-Roper.

This year’s collection is Lost Lantern’s largest. Because of that, Summer of Bourbon II will be released in two tranches:

  1. On Thursday, June 20, Lost Lantern blends Far Flung Bourbon II and Mississippi Memory will go on sale.
  2. On Thursday July 11, Lost Lantern Summer of Bourbon II Single Casks will be available for sale.

Whiskies in the collection will be available for purchase online at LostLanternWhiskey.com and Seelbachs.com, at select retailers in New York and California, and in the Lost Lantern tasting room in Vergennes, VT. As always, the collection is presented at cask strength, non-chill-filtered, and with no color added.

Summer of Bourbon II shines a light on the true variety and depth that great bourbon can have,” explains Polonski. “This Collection contains several firsts for us: our first Tennessee whiskey, our first finished bourbon, our first bourbon from a closed distillery, and our first bourbons from several new partners and states. We are delighted to once again celebrate summer with America’s iconic spirit.

Far-Flung Bourbon II: 126.6 Proof (697 bottles) SRP, $100
The second edition of Lost Lantern’s flagship bourbon brings together bourbons from states and distilleries that have never been blended before. Far-Flung Bourbon II highlights distilleries from the eastern half of the country, ranging from cooler northern climates to the hot, humid Deep South. Age: 5 years

Component Distilleries: Starlight Distillery (Indiana), Kings County Distillery (New York), Rich Grain Distilling Co. (Mississippi), Smooth Ambler (West Virginia), and Wollersheim Distillery (Wisconsin).

Mississippi Memory Rich Grain Distilling Straight Bourbon: 140 Proof (500 bottles) SRP, $90
This is Lost Lantern’s first release from a ghost distillery partner and will be one of the only opportunities ever for whiskey lovers to try Rich Grain’s whiskey. Rich Grain Distilling was founded to create a whiskey that truly reflected Mississippi’s hot, humid climate. Although the distillery closed in 2020, the whiskey continued to age in Mississippi, and this marriage of the distillery’s 5- and 7-year-old bourbons celebrates Rich Grain founder David Rich’s original vision for a true Mississippi bourbon, born of the Deep South. Age: 5 years (components range from 5 to 7 years)

Corbin Cash California Straight Bourbon Single Cask: 146.2 Proof (200 bottles) SRP, $130Corbin Cash is best known for its grain-to-glass rye whiskies which reflect the bounty and warmth of California’s Central Valley. Their bourbon, though rarer, is just as spectacular. Hazmat. Age: 7 years

Woodinville Washington Straight Bourbon Single Cask: 116.9 Proof (200 bottles) SRP, $100
Woodinville Whiskey Co., the premiere bourbon and rye distillery of the Pacific Northwest, makes exceptional whiskies with a marriage of traditional and modern techniques and locally grown grain Age: 6 years

Union Horse Kansas Straight Bourbon Single Cask: 119.9 Proof (200 bottles) SRP, $90
The family-owned Union Horse Distilling Co., located just outside of Kansas City, uses locally grown grain to make whiskies that reflect the intersection of the Midwest and the Great Plains. This is Lost Lantern’s first whiskey from Kansas and Union Horse. Age: 5 years

High Wire South Carolina Straight Bourbon Single Cask: 117.4 Proof (200 bottles) SRP, $120
High Wire Distilling Co., the most acclaimed distillery of the coastal Southeast, makes unique spirits that are deeply rooted in the agricultural traditions, climate, and foodways of the South. Lost Lantern’s first High Wire release is made from 100% Jimmy Red corn, a rare heirloom varietal that High Wire helped save from extinction. Age: 3 years

Leiper’s Fork Tennessee Whiskey Single Cask: 115.8 Proof (123 bottles) SRP, $100

Lost Lantern’s first-ever Tennessee Whiskey comes from Leiper’s Fork Distillery, which has brought the art of small-scale distillation back to Middle Tennessee. And yes, Lost Lantern counts Tennessee whiskey as a subset of bourbon! Age: 5 years

Rock Town Arkansas Straight Bourbon Single Cask: 117.6 Proof (200 bottles) SRP, $90
Rock Town Distillery, the first legal distillery in Arkansas since Prohibition, creates world-class spirits from Arkansas grain and celebrates the farmers who grow it. This is Lost Lantern’s first whiskey from Rock Town and from Arkansas. Age: 4 years

Boulder Spirits Armagnac Finished Colorado Straight Bourbon Single Cask: 125.5 Proof (300 bottles) SRP, $120
Lost Lantern’s first finished bourbon comes from longtime Lost Lantern partner Boulder Spirits, which has brought Scottish whiskymaking traditions to the world of bourbon and the unique climate of the Colorado Rockies. Made from Boulder’s distinctive high-malt mashbill, this bourbon was aged for 4.5 years in new oak and finished for 2.5 years in an Armagnac cask. Age: 7 years

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