3 Leaf Habano
Dominican Republic Cigar Review

Cigar Review: 3 Leaf Habano Robusto

3 Leaf Cigars is a partnership between Erik Wentworth who once worked for Hammer + Sickle cigars and James Ferriera, a fan of cigars with a nose for business. Will this partnership work? Will Erik Wentworth be able to take this company to higher heights then Hammer + Sickle which was from where I sit was more of a regional cigar brand. Time will tell, just like with any new company.

Their first release is from an undisclosed factory which could serve as a detriment because people will assume the worst. But it could also be a positive preventing pre-conceived notions. It really depends if you are a glass half full or half empty individual.

For now the first 2 releases are a Connecticut and a Habano packaged in 16-count boxes: 5 x 50, 6 x 48, and 6 x 54.

Cigar Review: 3 Leaf Habano
Size: 5 x 50 (Robusto)
Wrappers: Ecuador Habano
Binders: Dominican Republic
Fillers: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua
Factory: Not Disclosed (Dominican Republic)
Release Date: February 2024
Box Count: 16 Cigars

The Look: Packaged in generic looking boxes of 16 the cigar features veiny Habano wrapper that has some oils to it. The band seems to be a generic cookie cutter template with colors of gold, white, maroon and brilliant rye green (the color of the PGA Masters Jacket). What does stand out is the logo for 3 Leaf with a black border and white text. The 3 leaf tobacco plant is simplistic but identifiable. In the hand the cigar is firm and very well packed with a hefty weight for the size.

The Notes: The cold draw at first reveals a strong licorice component before giving way to a sour grapefruit citrus which I find enjoyable. The aroma off the foot of the cigar reminiscent of a tobacco factory in the Dominican Republic which to me has always had a different aroma than that of its Nicaraguan counterparts.

Once we toast and light the cigar there is a subtle pepper component before giving way to cedar, raisins and a touch of mocha. As the cigar settles down notes of cedar are dominant with some damp earth, licorice and mocha. Construction is solid with the ash holding firm as the retrohale offers up oak and what reminds me of banana bread.

The second third sees some citrus creep into the profile for a brief moment before continuing with rye spice, espresso and earth. It’s smooth with just enough of a that aforementioned to pair exquisitely with a bourbon or rye, specifically one of a higher proof which I did this past Sunday with a pour of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof. The retrohale is creamy on the front end with a wisp of vanilla before some added spice to round things out.

The final third sees the cigar continuing to showcase notes of earth, cedar and rye with a subtle red pepper and chocolate which reminds me chili dark chocolate from Lindt. It’s at this point the cigar becomes increasingly mouthwatering delicious building on the complex first two-thirds. As the cigar closes out it continues to impress with an impressive retrohale of rye, cedar and fresh bread.

Conclusion: It doesn’t surprise me with Nicaragua being king of the cigar market that right now that Wentworth would turn to the Dominican Republic for his first release. It is a place of comfort with relationships already developed and a sense of trust which is often hard to find for a new brand. It’s also only natural that there would be a comparison made with his new venture to the old Hammer + Sickle brand. The 3 Leaf Habano takes just enough from their lines to make fans of that cigar feel welcomed home. But at the same time, the cigar stands out as being different with a new direction.

Score: 92
Price: $10.00 (Before local or state taxes)

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