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Cigar Review: Crowned Heads Mil Dias Maduro Edmundo

According to Jon Huber, co-founder of Crowned Heads, “Mil Dias Maduro is an extension of the original Mil Dias that we announced back in July of 2020. What’s important to note, however, is the Maduro blend is not simple a re-tread of the original blend where we just swapper the wrapper leaf out. Mil Dias Maude is an all-new blend from the outside to the inside we self was worth of bearing the Mil Dias brandname. We began work on the Mil Dias Maduro blend in the summer of 2023.”

This in turn means the cigar hasn’t spent a lot of time in the aging room, so it will be curious to see how it performs.

Cigar Review: Crowned Heads Mil Dias Maduro
Size: 5 3/8 x 52 (Edmundo)
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Habano (Origin not disclosed)
Filler: Nicaragua (Viso Jalapa, Ligero Condega and Seco Ometepe)
Factory: TacaNicsa in Esteli, Nicaragua
Release Date: January 2024
Box Count: 20

The Cigar: The press release called these, “Grade A Dark Connecticut Broadleaf ” but I wouldn’t say this was dark compared to some other broadleafs on the market. The wrapper is uneven in colors with some notable veins on all 5 of the cigars I purchased. The cigar has the Mil Dias logo in red over white that reminds me of the Seattle Mariners. Like most cigars from CH there is a gold and black foot band denoting Crowned Heads. In the hand the cigar has no soft spots but feels light making me realize I should order a gram scale.

The Taste: The cold draw of the Mil Dias Maduro reveals a musty barnyard with notes of cedar, hay and earth. There is a subtle marshmallow fluff in the background that provides some sweetness it isn’t enough to overcome the musty cold draw. The foot of the cigar reveals oak and ethanol making it reminiscent of bourbon.

Once the cigar is cut, toasted and lit the first puff brings one word to mind, chewy. There are notes of chocolate, nougat and marshmallow which takes me back to the candy, Charleston Chew. Nougat is a candy made up honey, nuts and egg whites for those keeping score at home. After about a half-inch that sweetness begins to wane as the cigar begins to develop notes of coffee, oak and a subtle plum. As the first third comes to a close the cigar becomes floral while the retrohale is very nutty.

The second third continues to be floral at the start which thankfully disappeared at the half way point. As we leave the floral notes behind the cigar develops some spice and leather notes with a touch of a perfectly seared steak on the grill. I am sure the cigar industry cringes when we compare a cigar to a candy, but as a fat kid I find it easier to relate to. As the second third comes to a close there is a chalky licorice component that reminds me of the black necco wafers.

Moving into the final third the cigar has incredibly defined notes of cocoa, fudge and coffee. It’s interesting how the chocolate notes change from time to time. The aroma of the cigar is enjoyable especially as it rests between puffs. The retrohale remains nutty with just enough spice added to satisfy what I want in a cigar.

Conclusion: Based on the press release where they stated this was an entirely different blend I was curious why they wouldn’t name it something else. I get they wanted to capitalize on the success of Mil Dias, but to me it was a big risk. I think the reward of that risk will pay off for Crowned Heads. This is an excellent line extension and while it doesn’t come off as a typical Broadleaf cigar (making me wonder if it is USA grown Broadleaf) it is extremely tasty. I plan to age the remaining cigars I have from my purchase to see if it helps remove the floral section of the cigar before buying a box at a later date.

Score: 91
Price: $10.95 (Before any local or state taxes)

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