Dominican Republic Cigar Review

Cigar Review: Ammunition Toro by Caldwell & Wildfire

Ammunition comes from Caldwell Cigars & Wildfire Cigars as a PCA Exclusive with a catch.

The partnership makes sense as Jeremy McDonald served as sales director for Caldwell Cigar Co before launching Wildfire Cigars. The PCA Exclusive wasn’t ordered on the trade show floor, but rather at a concert featuring McDonalds band Louder’s The Roar.

Personally, I think this is a horrible idea for two struggling brands looking to get their message out. Instead, they force retailers to attend a concert in a loud venue rather than conduct one on one business at their booth. But perhaps like an indie rock band these two companies don’t want to appeal to the masses.

Perhaps this is why only 300 boxes of 10 were made and only 15 stores carry it.

Cigar Review: Ammunition
Size: 6 x 52 Toro
Wrapper: Dominican Republic Corojo
Binder: Dominican Republic & Nicaragua
Filler: Dominican Republic & Nicaragua
Debut: November 2023
Box Count: 10

The Cigar: The Ammunition from Caldwell Cigar Co. & Wildfire features a blood red band with gold and white there is a certain familiarity to it that I am struggling to place. In the hand the cigar is firm to the touch. The Corojo wrapper is loaded with oils and perfect in appearance with no flaws to speak of. In the hand the cigar is heavy for it’s size.

The Taste: Wrigley’s spearmint gum is the defining taste of the cold draw. So much so that I wonder if the tobacco was aged with spearmint leaves in the pilon. The foot mimics this with a menthol like aroma as well. While I was hesitant to light this up, I am happy to report the spearmint didn’t carry over.

The first third see a lot of smoke output with notes of pepper, salt, cedar and leather. It’s quite all over the place to start before settling down to feature and oak heavy profile. Around an inch the cigar develops a lemon citrus component with a touch of mocha and lingering leather.

In the  second third, Ammunition begins to develop a fermented grape flavor reminiscent of a wine that is loaded with tannins. In the background, notes of oak and leather remain while the cigar lacks balance. It’s at this point I am considering putting the cigar down, but for the sake of review I am powering through.

Moving on to the final third it continues down the route of the second with a cigar heavy on tannins. It’s leathery and oaky with a citrus finish.

Conclusion: We don’t often address the aroma in the cigar, but this should be smoked in a well ventilated room as the aroma is lingering and not very pleasant. As far as the cigar they say it is meant to be paired with Ammunition Bourbon is sourced from MGP and bottled in Sonoma, California after being aged in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels. If you read this website, or know me, you know how I feel about that which is why we passed on the pairing. This cigar is a hard pass for me with it lacking balance, aroma and good flavor.

Score: 75
Price: $15.00 (Before any local or state taxes)

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