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Press Release: La Aurora Small Batch Lot No. 003 Debuts at Total Product Expo (TPE) 2024 in Las Vegas

La Aurora USA, LLC, announces the debut of La Aurora Small Batch Lot 003, a limited-edition cigar created by Master Blender Manuel, at Total Product Expo (TPE) 2024 in Las Vegas. La Aurora Small Batch is a collection of limited quantity cigars created by our Master Blender, Manuel Inoa, who reached back into the aging room pulling out his favorite creations.

We’re excited to kick off 2024 at TPE as we continue to renew our relationship not only with Kretek, but also all U.S. premium cigar retailers,” said Ed McKenna, La Aurora USA, CEO. “They are the ones that make working in the cigar industry so special. And as a special thank you to those retailers at TPE, they’ll have the first opportunity to get their hands on Lot No. 3 before it’s gone.”

Small Batch Lot No. 003 will be available in a Toro Gordo format (5.78 X 58). Featuring a double binder with Dominican tobacco for its strength, and Cameroon for its sweetness, there is a deep complexity to this limited run. Lot No. 003 is a complex blend of Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Peru filler tobaccos that are harmonized by an Ecuadorian wrapper.

Small Batch will continue to be a series that is very special to me. These cigars will only ever exist in small batches: each release features distinct tasting notes and are unable to be blended and rolled in large scale quantities,” said Master Blender, Manuel Inoa. “Lot No. 003 was aged for 19 years and features a flavor profile and complexity that are unlike any other smoke. With its oily, bright red wrapper, Lot No. 003 is flavorful and medium/full bodied cigar that offers a creamy smoke with notes of pepper and tobacco tones like leather and cedar that accompany until the end of the smoke.

Experience the definition of a handcrafted Dominican cigar by delighting in a first taste of this limited, well balanced blend at TPE 2024 at the Las Vegas Convention Center from Jan. 31-Feb. 2, 2024. Find La Aurora at Booth 11041 to learn more about Small Batch Lot No. 003, upcoming news and be one of the first to savor the notes of this year’s blend.

Lot No. 003 will be available in dress boxes of 10 handmade cigars, each aged 19 years. This limited-edition and exclusive cigar release will be available first at TPE 2024 before being made available to all U.S. retailers. Lot No. 003 will be available in 400 boxes and is expected to sell out. (MSRP: $130/box).

Each Small Batch limited-edition release has a special story – a selection of leaves and notes that La Aurora crafted specifically for limited editions or other small-scale projects and have treasured in limited quantities in their aging room, with some having been aged up to 19 years. As a result, unique cigars are being released within the Small Batch line, each representing a different exploration from years past of Master Blender Manuel Inoa. Every edition will have an individual format, blend, and unrepeatable tasting notes due to their advanced ages.

Lot No. 002, which was released exclusively in the US market in September 2023, sold out in less than 2 weeks. Lot No. 004 will debut in late 2024.

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